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Final Steps Form

It's getting close now...

It's now time for The Final Steps. This form allows us all to be reading from the same page literally.


Once you have filled this out, we will check all of the information, mark up sections that need extra attention and send you a copy for reference. This will then be what we refer to on the day to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

Your Details

Venue Details

If you have booked us for your Ceremony and this is happening in a different location to the rest of your wedding day, please also give these details.

06:30 PM

Please Note: Our standard set up duration is 60mins.

**We will not be able to set up faster than 50mins.** 

Important People

Please list: Name Of Contact, Their Role i.e. Venue Staff or Bridesmaid etc & their contact number.

Order Of The Day

Please select the sections of your day that you have booked us for. Make sure to include the location within the venue that we will need to set up for the entertainment. 

An example of this would be; "Drinks Reception: Outside, On the lawn, outside the bay window" etc.

Where is the Pre-Ceremony Music happening and what are the timings?

01:30 PM
02:00 PM

Where is the Ceremony Music happening and what are the timings?

02:00 PM
02:30 PM

Ceremony Songs

For this next section, please make sure to include: 

- Song Title

- Artist

- Youtube Link

(Please make sure to include the Youtube Link. This is Very Important, we want to me sure to play the correct version of the song for you.)

Please make sure to include the correct Youtube Link. This is Very Important, we want to me sure to play the correct version of the song for you.

Three songs would usually be adequate but feel free to list four or five if your song choices are short.

Please include the Youtube Links.

This is for when you both leave your Ceremony as the newly wedded couple.

Please include the Youtube Link.

02:30 PM
04:00 PM
07:00 PM

If you would like an 'Entrance Song' for the beginning of your meal please list Song Title, Artist & Youtube Link.

Turn Around?

Is there a turn around and what time is it happening? - The time when your Venue clears the tables and we set up for the evening in your main room (if you're using the same room for your Meal & Evening Party

07:00 PM
08:00 PM

Please note that we will require 60mins to set up for the evening. If we are delayed getting into the space to set up, this delay will have a knock on effect and the evening will not start until 60mins after we can begin setting up.

.i.e. If 1st Dance is due to be at 20:00 but the day is running a little behind and we are only given access to start setting  up at 19:20, the delay will cause the 1st Dance to be pushed back to 20:20 ensuring us the 60mins to set up that is necessary..

Cutting Of The Cake - Would usually take place at 19:55.

First Dance as standard is at 20:00 (8pm). Should you wish to discuss alternative timings, please let us know in the 'Extra Details' section at the bottom of this form.

08:00 PM

If you are NOT having a Father of the Bride Dance, please write "N/A" above. Thankyou.

11:55 PM

Standard Finish time is Midnight unless the a time extension has been purchased.

In this section would you please provide some examples of songs and artists that you like. We will do our best to incorporate your loved songs throughout the evening when they fit in with the flow and genre of the music. 

Finishing Touches

Lastly, we do have our special offers on Room Lighting, Staging, Starlight Backdrops, Selfie Stations and 360 Video Platforms. All of which add to the grandeur of your evening party and elevate the atmosphere even more, adding interactive 

If you'd be interested in upgrading your room lighting or adding a stage (black or white covered)... tick the boxes below & we'll contact you about your finishing touches.

Uplighting Example (At Ritz Carlton).png
Room Uplighting Packages
ATN 360 Platform.png

360 Platform

ATN - Preview LARGE7.jpg
Stage Package Options
ATN Selfie - 2.1.png

Selfie Station

Photo / Video Booth Options
What device did you use whilst filling this form in?

Thank you for taking the time to fill our our Final Steps Form. We should now have all of the information that we'll need. We will be in contact after reviewing your form to send you an annotated copy with any notes to make sure that everything is airtight.

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